Portage Cosmetic Dentistry

How much confidence do you have in your smile? If you don’t have a lot, it’s time to consider what Portage cosmetic dentistry can do for you! You will notice a big difference when you come to Courtside Dental. We offer a wide range of dental services and cosmetic procedures that take advantage of the latest technologies and equipment. People are often amazed to see that some of their biggest insecurities – crooked, discolored teeth – can be improved well into adulthood.

Portage Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are one of our most popular cosmetic services. A dental veneer is a shell that is placed over the surface of the tooth to repair worn out enamel, uneven spacing, chips and cracks or discolored teeth. Because these problems are widespread, veneers help out a lot of our patients.

If you’re considering Portage dental veneers, there’s more good news. Veneers also protect the surface of the teeth and may eliminate the need to have additional treatments. You also get the benefits of a bright, white smile, increased durability and the need for little to no tooth structure removal.

Courtside Dental for Cosmetic Dentistry

The smallest improvements can have a dramatic impact on your smile and your self-confidence. However, minor imperfections can have the opposite effect. For this reason, it’s important that you choose a qualified, certified dentist that has experience with Portage cosmetic dentistry.

At Courtside Dental, our dentists receive training and education on the latest procedures and techniques in cosmetic dentistry. It is our priority to stay on top of the most recent trends so that we can offer the best and least invasive care possible.

Some of the reasons for choosing us for cosmetic dentistry in Portage MI are:

  • Clean, comfortable waiting room
  • Semi-private office rooms
  • Friendly, patient staff
  • All procedures explained in advance
  • Cutting-edge equipment and technologies
  • Most major dental insurance accepted

To schedule your first appointment and learn more about Portage cosmetic dentistry, call Courtside Dental.

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