How Can Cosmetic Contouring Help My Smile?

Cosmetic contouring patient at Portage MI dentist

How Can Cosmetic Contouring Help My Smile?

Cosmetic contouring patient at Portage MI dentist

If you’re not happy with the shape of your teeth or wish you could erase that pesky chip in your tooth’s enamel, our Portage cosmetic dentist can introduce you to cosmetic contouring. Typically completed in one visit without any anesthetic, this procedure removes small portions of enamel to correct the shape, size, and appearance of teeth.

Here are 3 ways that dental contouring can positively affect the look of your smile.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Cosmetic Contouring?

Not everyone is suited for the cosmetic contouring procedure, hence why it is largely an elective form of treatment. However, if you do have small chips, cracks, pits, or bulges, in your teeth, Dr. Paul can recommend contouring to you. He can also remedy teeth that are too long or pointy if you’re not satisfied with them.

It is important to understand that tooth contouring is limited by the individual tooth structure of the patient. By this we mean that any area that’s being shaped cannot be too thin and must have enough enamel present to change the tooth’s form.

When the enamel of a tooth turns out to be too slim or dramatic alterations are desired, Dr. Paul will instead suggest other cosmetic solutions like porcelain veneers. We want you to feel proud of the results you see in the mirror so we will work with you to accomplish what you truly want for your smile.

Cosmetic Contouring Can:

1. Change the Shape of Your Teeth

Some patients naturally have longer or pointier teeth which while perfectly fine, can lead to feelings of embarrassment. Fortunately, Dr. Paul can use a dental drill or laser to reshape the tooth itself and get rid of excess enamel present.

One of the most common teeth that patients request to be contoured are the canines, or pointy upper “fangs”. While they are supposed to be pointed for tearing into food, some are sharper than desired. When this happens, a quick cosmetic contouring procedure is ideal to remove some of the enamel.

2. Painlessly Repair Teeth With Chips and Cracks

As long as the minor chip or crack in your tooth doesn’t affect your oral health, Dr. Paul can use cosmetic contouring to buff out and smooth the surface. During the procedure, any fractures are seamlessly evened and angles are rounded to erase sharp curves.

It’s not uncommon for contouring to be paired alongside cosmetic bonding. The bonding procedure instead adds tooth-colored composite resin material to your tooth to help its volume or shape. The material is then molded and hardened with a special light for a cost-effective way to repair minorly damaged teeth.

3. Prevent Onset of Tooth Decay or Gum Disease

Carefully grinding away excess tooth enamel can alter the way your teeth fit together. By changing the anatomy or overhangs of your original smile, Dr. Paul can reduce how much tartar builds up in certain spots, thus decreasing the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease.

In general, you should have an easier time cleaning in between teeth post-contouring procedure. So, not only will your smile look how you want, but it will also stay cleaner assuming you brush at least twice a day, floss daily, and receive a teeth cleaning every six months.

Make an Appointment with Dr. Paul

Our cosmetic dentist in Portage, MI, recommends cosmetic contouring to patients who feel insecure about chipped, cracked, long, pointy, or otherwise minorly damaged teeth. Request an appointment today online or call Courtside Dental at (269) 327-1011.

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