DANDY Digital Intraoral Scanner

We’ve Gone Digital With DANDY!

Our practice uses an intraoral scanner — top-of-the-line dental technology that creates an exact custom digital model of your mouth.

Dandy Digital Practice Portage Mi

Dandy Digital Scanner Portage Mi

Dandy Intraoral Scanner Portage Mi

Dandy Digital Intraoral Scanner Portage Dentist

No more goop!

We used to make a mold of your teeth with putty. Scanning is much faster and way more comfortable. Plus you get to see your teeth in 3D.

Shorter appointments

Scanning is done in under a minute, so you’ll be out the door even sooner (we know, we’re sad too).

Your new smile, faster

We can book your follow-up appointment to fit your new tooth, teeth, or dental appliance much sooner.

We use Dandy to make your customized:

Portage Mi Dentist Digital Scanner

Crowns & Bridges

Portage Mi Dentist Intraoral Scanner

Retainers & Nightguards

Dandy Digital Scanner Portage Dentist


Digital Scanner Portage Dentist


Intraoral Scanner Portage Dentist


Digital Intraoral Scanner Portage Dentist