Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Diagnostic Wax Ups Portage Mi Dentist

It can be hard to visualize the results of a restorative or cosmetic dental procedure. To help with this, our Portage, MI, dentist can develop a diagnostic wax-up which is a physical representation of a proposed treatment plan. Thanks to this tool, patients are able to see what the expected outcome would look like in terms of aesthetics and function.

Here’s what else you need to know about diagnostic wax-ups.

What Is a Diagnostic Wax-Up?

A diagnostic wax-up is essentially a wax replica or model of a proposed treatment plan that our dentist can use to show you what your results will look like. This tool helps to provide information that will indicate whether or not a specific treatment is appropriate before any procedure is set in motion.

Using the diagnostic wax-up process, our dentist will also be able to estimate the amount of restorative space available and point out the need for treatment where it is necessary. For example, having a wax recreation of a patient’s teeth is especially helpful when there are gaps present and our dentist has discussed the possibility of dental implants or a dental bridge.

How Is the Wax-Up Created?

Generally a quick procedure, a diagnostic wax-up is done by our dentist and an assisting technician. Inside our Portage, MI, dental office, a high-quality impression is taken of your mouth first and some photos may also be taken.

Two models of your teeth will be fabricated to allow for one to be used for the wax-up and one to be kept for reference during the proposed procedure. Once the wax-up has been made, our dentist and the technician will work to get it into a perfect shape based on their recommendations and your preferences.

Benefits of Diagnostic Wax-Ups

It’s natural to want to see how a certain smile enhancement or restoration is going to look prior to getting started. This is especially important when you’re considering tooth replacement but also for cosmetically transformative procedures like porcelain veneers. No matter what you have in mind, our team will use the wax-up to guide our treatment planning as well as give you insight into what’s down the road.

Using diagnostic wax-ups allow for:

  1. Enhanced Patient Understanding: Patients often find it challenging to visualize the outcome of dental procedures merely from explanations. Wax-ups provide a 3D visual representation of what their smile will look like, improving understanding and increasing comfort level with the proposed treatment plan.
  2. Better Treatment Planning: By examining a wax model, we can better plan the treatment process, foresee potential challenges, and make necessary adjustments before the actual procedure. This preliminary step can significantly improve the accuracy and efficiency of the treatment, leading to better outcomes.
  3. Customization: Each wax-up is customized to the individual patient, allowing our dentist to tailor treatments according to specific dental needs and aesthetic goals. This customization ensures that the results not only improve dental health but also meet the patient’s expectations in terms of appearance.
  4. A Preventive Assessment: Diagnostic wax-ups also act as a preventive tool by helping our dentist identify areas of potential concern before they become problematic. This can reduce the need for more extensive interventions later on and contribute to long-term dental health.

Plan Your Dental Treatment With Us

Having a diagnostic wax-up created can be very helpful when planning for a cosmetic or restorative dental procedure. Our dentist in Portage, MI, wants you to be aware of every aspect of your procedure so that you understand what is required to restore your smile. Call Courtside Dental today at (269) 327-1011 or contact us online to request an appointment.