Dental Crowns

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Essentially a cap for a damaged tooth, dental crowns are a solution recommended for worn down, cracked, or weakened teeth. When a cavity is too large to be fixed by a filling or a root canal has been performed, a crown is also sometimes chosen.

Why Do I Need a Crown?

Our restorative dentist may recommend a dental crown for a variety of reasons. There could be a cavity that is beyond a filling or your tooth could be damaged in a way that it requires further protection. A recent root canal on a tooth may also require a crown due to increased fragility.

Whatever the reason is, dental crowns can restore a tooth’s shape, size, strength, and ultimately, its appearance. You can also rest assured that our dentist will give you an aesthetically pleasing result you’re going to love.

What is the Procedure for a Dental Crown?

Our dentist will start by examining the tooth or teeth in need of the crown and will take X-rays. If there is tooth decay, risk of infection, or injury to the tooth’s pulp, we may need to perform a root canal before any dental crowns can be placed.

Next, our dentist will file down and remove a part of the tooth’s outer layer. An impression will then be made of both the trimmed down and the surrounding teeth. You will receive a temporary crown until the permanent version is ready.

Once the crown has been created, we will ask that you return for a second visit to our Portage dental office to have it properly cemented onto your tooth.

Aesthetically Focused Dentistry

At Courtside Dental, we only offer restorative procedures that have your best interests in mind. Our dental crowns dentist in Portage, MI, wants you to be satisfied with your results. It is our goal to restore your teeth to their original strength and appearance. Call Courtside Dental today at 269.327.1011 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.