6 Signs You Should Consider Dental Implants

Dental Implant Dentist In Portage MI

6 Signs You Should Consider Dental Implants

Dental Implant Dentist In Portage MI

If you’re fed up with how your smile looks, but aren’t a fan of traditional dentures, our Portage dentist can introduce you to the dental implant procedure. Surgically embedded in the jawbone for extra stability, dental implants look and function just like natural teeth.

Here are 6 signs that, if you identify with a few, can indicate dental implants are the right tooth replacement choice for you.

It May Be Time to Consider Dental Implants if You Have:

1. One or More Missing Teeth

One of the most obvious reasons for a tooth replacement like dental implants is a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. No matter how you lost them, it can be a source of shame and embarrassment in your life.

Dr. Paul is here to help. A dental implant can be carefully placed in each available spot and will be as strong and durable as a natural tooth. Dental implant care also only requires regular brushing and flossing so there is no need to stress over extensive maintenance.

2. A Shifting Dental Bridge or Dentures

No one likes the feeling of an ill-fitting dental appliance. Sure, you can always have your dentures or dental bridge adjusted but at a certain point it just becomes too much to deal with.

With dental implants, there is no worry that they will become loose during the day. You can confidently eat or talk knowing they will always remain in place.

3. Had a Tooth Recently Pulled

Dr. Paul will always do whatever he can to save an infected tooth. Unfortunately, if the infection is too severe, a tooth extraction becomes the only viable option.

For obvious reasons, having a tooth pulled often gets people thinking about replacement options. If you want the feeling and function of a natural tooth, a dental implant is the ideal choice. The implant will fill in the new gap seamlessly and not look out of place in the slightest.

4. Less Facial Structure Than Before

After teeth are lost, your jawbone tends to shrink and decline in mass due to a lack of stimulation. Bone loss over time can lead to a change in facial structure and cause an individual to look older than their true age.

While traditional dentures help replace missing teeth, they do not stimulate the jawbone as they sit on top of the gums. Dental implants are instead placed by our dentist into your jawbone which in turn prevents bone loss much like a natural tooth root would.

5. Become Tired of Adhesives and Denture Care

It goes without saying that dentures serve a useful purpose. However, the care that they require isn’t always the most ideal or quickest.

Because dentures are known to slip at times, adhesive is often needed to keep them in place. The regular application of an adhesive is where it can get messy and outright inconvenient for many wearers. Implants, on the other hand, are embedded into your jawbone and are not in danger of shifting throughout the day.

Dentures also need to be removed and properly cleaned after eating to prevent plaque buildup or trapped food particles. Those who have dentures must be careful when brushing the appliance(s) to avoid damage and must soak them overnight.

You can care for dental implants in the same way as you do your natural teeth: brush at least twice a day and floss daily. Regular dental checkups are also appreciated so our dentist can monitor your oral health.

6. A Broken or Cracked Tooth Beyond Repair

A damaged tooth can be repaired with other restorative procedures but sometimes, the cracked or broken tooth is beyond the fix of a dental crown. Dr. Paul may decide that it is best to extract the remaining part of the tooth and place a dental implant.

If it is found that your tooth is broken below the gingival line or has resulted in damaged pulp, a tooth extraction may also be the option to pursue. Your oral health will greatly improve after having an implant placed by Dr. Paul thanks to its long-lasting durability and jawbone stimulation.

It’s Time to Choose Dental Implants

Compared to other tooth replacement options, dental implants require a more in-depth commitment, but many patients agree they’re worth the investment. If you’re ready to smile with confidence, our dental implant dentist in Portage, MI, can brief you on all the procedure details. Call Courtside Dental today at (269) 327-1011 to request an appointment.

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