Mattawan Tooth Filling

Whether you think that you need Mattawan tooth fillings or you have been told you need them, Courtside Dental is happy to provide you with a professional opinion. Cavities are cavities – so there’s no denying their presence! However, there are different approaches to taking care of them. With our cutting-edge equipment and procedures, it’s possible that we can offer you a new and updated treatment plan that will put you at ease.

Process for Mattawan Tooth Fillings

Getting a cavity filled isn’t anything that people get excited for, but it’s essential to good oral health. Letting cavities go too long can lead to long term problems such as damage to the structure of your teeth. For instance, it’s not uncommon for large cavities left unfilled to lead to a cracked tooth, which reaches the nerves. This causes severe pain and requires an emergency root canal. Always deal with cavities right away, as they are much easier to treat when they are small.

Here is the process that you can expect when going in for tooth fillings in Mattawan MI.

  • Aesthetic is used to numb the area
  • Decay is removed from the tooth
  • Tooth is restored using a filling
  • Bite check is done to align your teeth

Once the process is complete, you’ll see that it wasn’t so bad! You’ll be glad that you came in and can finally start the day with a cavity-free smile!

What are Sealants?

In some cases, our dentist may recommend a Mattawan teeth sealant, especially if the patient is a child. Sealants are great for the molars where the teeth tend to be larger and more pitted. This makes them great homes for food and particles, leading to cavities. Even though we tend to recommend sealants to children, you can ask about them for you, too! It’s possible that a Mattawan teeth sealant can protect your teeth from further damage.

Need another opinion? An updated treatment plan? Call Courtside Dental and schedule an appointment for Mattawan tooth fillings. We welcome new patients and would love to treat you, too!

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