3 Major Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

Young woman in glasses and striped shirt smiling with phone cosmetic dentist Portage MI

3 Major Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

Young woman in glasses and striped shirt smiling with phone cosmetic dentist Portage MI

White teeth are a hot commodity that many adults dream of achieving. Luckily, this dream is attainable thanks to both at-home and in-office teeth whitening treatments provided by our Portage, MI, cosmetic dentist.

Many patients, however, are deterred by popular teeth whitening myths spread across the internet. These tidbits of misinformation sometimes act as “whitening life hacks” and can prove to be dangerous depending on what is proposed.

Dr. Paul encourages any patient considering this cosmetic procedure to call our Portage dental office and ask any questions you may have. We wouldn’t want you to put off your ideal smile because of a commonly held myth.

Here are 3 teeth whitening myths and a few reasons why professional procedures remain the safest.

Myth #1: Teeth Whitening Damages Enamel

This is the biggest false belief about teeth whitening treatments because as numerous studies have shown, the process of teeth whitening does not cause any damage to your natural tooth enamel.

The only situation in which this myth might be true is if you received teeth whitening supplies from an untrusted source online or had the procedure performed outside of a dental office. In both scenarios, the whitening products may not be properly regulated, could contain illegal levels of bleach, and can put your teeth at risk.

Contrary to what most people think, your enamel is not the source of your tooth’s discoloration. Instead, the layer of tissue underneath the enamel, called dentin, is responsible for absorbing a fair amount of stains.

When teeth whitening gel is applied, you don’t have to worry about the protective outer layer of enamel being stripped away. It is merely being stained a brighter shade of white. Dr. Paul will be sure to explain every step of the at-home or in-office procedure no matter which you choose.

Myth #2: Natural Remedies Are All Safe

We’ve all heard of the pure and natural teeth whitening methods that are designed to lighten up your smile in no time. Some solutions are more far-fetched than others and very few have been shown to have a positive effect on the color of your teeth.

Natural teeth whitening methods to be wary of include:

  • Rubbing acidic fruits or fruit peels (lemons, oranges, etc.) on your teeth to remove dark stains
  • Practicing oil pulling and swishing coconut oil around in your mouth to lift yellow stains
  • Brushing your teeth with a mixture of baking soda and water
  • Using any oral care product involving charcoal as a main ingredient

Whereas professional teeth whitening in our office is safe for your enamel, natural remedies can often cause damage to that part of your tooth. For instance, if acidic fruits or fruit peels are used deliberately, the enamel will soften and can wear away.

Dr. Paul instead uses safe, but powerful whitening gel to brighten your smile. The gel is also dental-grade and has been proven to efficiently whiten discolored teeth.

Myth #3: Your Teeth Will Look Insanely White and Unnatural

Teeth whitening procedures are not one shade fits all. What one patient wants will be much too bright for another. The nice thing about most treatments is that they are progressive, meaning you can choose to go brighter if you wish.

In the case of our at-home teeth whitening treatment, you are given control over how white you want your teeth to end up. Dr. Paul will supply you with custom-made whitening trays and whitening gel, but the process is completed over several weeks.

It’s also important to know that the result of whitening is often predetermined by the original shade of your teeth. If you only have mild discoloration, the final look will not be extreme.

Ditch the Myths and Choose Professional Teeth Whitening

When done in a professional dental setting, teeth whitening is nothing to fear. Our cosmetic dentist in Portage, MI, is experienced in the realm of teeth whitening and will work with you to accomplish the shade you desire. To get started, call Courtside Dental at (269) 327-1011 or contact us online.

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