Mattawan Cosmetic Dentistry

Courtside Dental offers superior dental care in a warm, welcoming environment. Many of our patients see us for regular cleanings as well as Mattawan cosmetic dentistry. With a wide range of services, our patients are able to achieve the smile they want while receiving highly personalized care. Our cutting-edge technology and procedures, friendly staff members and genuine concern for your health and well-being make us confident that we can meet the needs of your whole family!

Mattawan Dental Veneers at Courtside Dental

Everyone is talking about veneers these days, and understandably so. Veneers work well on various aesthetic dental problems such as discoloration, broken teeth or misaligned teeth.

Although dental veneers are considered to be cosmetic, they offer additional advantages. First, very little of the tooth’s structure is affected. Second, veneers offer added protection and durability to the affected tooth.

Even with all the benefits to Mattawan dental veneers, not every tooth problem warrants a veneer. It’s important to recognize when this treatment is the right option and when another treatment should be considered.

Personalized Attention from Our Cosmetic Dentist

Meeting with our dentist at Courtside Dental will give you a better understanding of the various types of Mattawan cosmetic dentistry that we offer. Veneers are amazing, but they need to be offered under the right circumstances. If your teeth look and function appropriately, veneers probably aren’t the best option.

In order for the veneer to have the right proportion to your teeth and mouth, part of the front and top of the tooth will need to be removed. This is permanent, so it’s vital that you work with a dentist who takes careful consideration. Planning should never be overlooked with cosmetic dentistry in Mattawan MI, as it greatly affects the outcome of the work.

At Courtside Dental, we want you to explore all of your options before deciding on the best Mattawan cosmetic dentistry for your needs. Schedule a consultation with us and let’s discuss the options available to you!

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